Head Instructor Kru Rick Fortes Bio

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Kru Rick Fortes

Kru Rick Fortes is a Certified Professional Muay Thai Instructor with over twenty years of Martial Arts experience; he has spent more than half of those years focusing on Muay Thai Boxing. Kru Rick continues to train in Thailand at the Professional FAIRTEX Thailand Training Camp where he has the opportunity to train with FAIRTEX champions.

Kru Rick has immense experience in the martial arts field. Martial arts has always been his first passion. During his younger years, Kru Rick trained and competed in various martial art disciplines.

  • Kook Sool Won, a korean martial art
  • Gracie Jiu Jitsu
  • KunTaw
  • Serrada Escrima
  • and Muay Thai Boxing at the age of 15 years old

In 2005, Kru Rick trained professionally in Bangplee, Thailand, a Fairtex Camp. He went to fight many opponents at the infamous Lumpinee Stadium. Since 2005, Kru Rick has made Fairtex Bangplee, Thailand an annual training camp trip for himself. Fighting and training in Thailand has expanded his knowledge of Muay Thai Boxing to greater lengths, inspiring Kru Rick to teach.

Kru Rick opened his own Muay Thai Boxing Facility in August of 2010 in Elk Grove, California. He wanted to show the community the beauty of this martial art style and share knowledge of it’s application. Kru Rick has trained and worked with professional fighters such as: Scott Smith, Jake Shields, Randy Couture, Kevin Ross, and many more. Kru Rick has also helped fighters such as Marissa Paradiso and Steve Morgan in amateur /professional events to become champions.

Kru Rick Fortes, the third son of four boys, was born in Guam on September 27, 1979. Along side his wife Nicole Fortes and their children Ava and Tiger, Kru Rick’s goal for the Muay Thai Boxing community is to advance, preserve and inspire the art of eight limbs by ensuring that it stays in the community for as long as it can! Kru Rick has dedicated his gym to his brother J-Boy who passed away January 11, 2011 – the one person that has helped him become the fighter he is today.